Our Mission:
One at a Time.
On Time. Every Time.

We are guided by our mission statement. The goal of creating a perfect customer experience is ingrained in our company DNA. To us, it’s more than a promise. It’s a principle. When we complete a field inspection, handle a property claim or speak to your customer on the phone, we treat them with the same care and respect that you do. We do this because we believe that to your customer, we are you.


logo bullet Earn Trust: We recognize that customers want to do business with a company they can trust. We want our customers to rely on our character, ability, strength and commitment.

logo bullet Be Open-Minded: We practice continuous improvement. Our leaders constantly solicit and take action on feedback from employees and customers alike.

logo bullet Meet Obligations: Regardless of the circumstances, at all times, we honor our commitment. If something goes awry, we fix it. Our mission statement guides us in this regard.

logo bullet Have Clear Documents: We must ensure that all documents, including contracts, sales materials, representations, and all other communications are clear, concise, and accurate. We will not use fine print or “corporate speak” to confuse customers or employees.

logo bullet Maintain Corporate Controls: We will use a hands-on process to ensure we effectively manage our clients’ expense dollars. We have a no tolerance policy when dealing with financial abuse.

logo bullet Be Respectful: Regardless of the situation or the pressures of the moment, we will treat our customers and associates with the utmost respect.

Our 100% Quality Guarantee

From policy inception through the handling of a claim, CIS Group of Companies is uniquely positioned as the industry’s only national provider of underwriting inspections and claim services. On the strength of millions of completed claims and underwriting inspections each year, our customers have the unique capability to draw direct correlations between their loss control strategies and claim outcomes. This perspective drives a deeper analysis of the client’s book of business, resulting in more dynamic underwriting and claim strategies. With services backed by a 100% quality guarantee, CIS Group of Companies provides Claim and Underwriting Services for the full life cycle of the insurance transaction, One at a Time, On Time, Every Time.


    CIS Group’s vast inspector network enables us to quickly and accurately fulfill a service request in all 50 states.

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  • End to End Solutions

    Our Products and Services provide end-to-end solutions for our clients in the Underwriting, Mortgage Servicing and Claims arenas.

  • Quality

    CIS Group takes a metric-based approach to quality that enables us to focus the efforts of our Quality Assurance Team for maximum impact.