CIS Specialty Services

CIS Specialty Services

Water Mitigation Review Program

Following a water loss, emergency services invoices have traditionally been held to a subjective benchmark of reasonableness. Consequently, there is a clear and indisputable business need to apply an objective set of standards when evaluating the work performed.

Using licensed loss consultants who hold IICRC Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certifications, CIS Claim Services Water Mitigation Review Program delivers the tools carriers need to quantitatively verify that only the necessary repairs were performed at reasonable and customary prices.

Litigated Claims/ADR
CIS Specialty Services offers specialty adjusters who adeptly apply alternative dispute resolution options, bringing expedient and cost-effective resolution to disputed claims. From mediation to arbitration to settlement conferences, our adjusters are skilled negotiators who get results.

Additionally, we maintain a roster of seasoned adjusters who can properly analyze the liability, coverage and damage aspects of a lawsuit. These specialty adjusters are highly experienced in working with defense counsel to yield appropriate, economical resolution of litigated claims.

CIS Claim Services appraisers have an impressive track record of delivering first-party residential and commercial appraisal results. All of our appraisers remain abreast of the complex, fluctuating body of statutory and case law that applies to these claims. Our Water Damage Restoration Certified appraisers give carriers a significant advantage in the resolution of water extraction invoice disputes.


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