Main Street Underwriting Inspections

Main Street Underwriting Inspections

Our Main Street Underwriting Inspection Services focus on the three things that matter most to our clients:

  • Quality field inspections
  • On time delivery
  • Price

We have the most tenured workforce in the industry, with millions of insurance inspections completed each year across all 50 States.

CIS Group is the fastest, most accurate insurance underwriting inspection provider in the United States. We measure and prove this out daily.

We are three times the size of our largest competitor. This scale and scope ensures that CIS Group is the low-cost provider of underwriting field inspections.

Choose from a variety of underwriting inspection products and services designed to meet your specific needs.


    CIS Group’s vast inspector network enables us to quickly and accurately fulfill a service request in all 50 states.

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  • End to End Solutions

    Our Products and Services provide end-to-end solutions for our clients in the Underwriting, Mortgage Servicing and Claims arenas.

  • Quality

    CIS Group takes a metric-based approach to quality that enables us to focus the efforts of our Quality Assurance Team for maximum impact.