Giving Back and
Paying Forward

Our employees and associates across the nation are committed to helping the local community. We donate time, money, clothing, medicine, and help others do the same. In 2016, we donated more than one million dollars and volunteered over 2,000 hours toward corporate philanthropy


In 2003, the sMs Foundation was launched to provide guidance and financial support to ill or injured children and to families of service men and women of all segments impacted by events while on duty.

Rebranded the 1TB Foundation in 2013, we continue to serve the needs of our local community by offering grant support to disadvantaged and underserved families, organizations that help children and educational institutions with like-minded purposes.

CIS Group sponsors our annual Make 1 Thing Better charity golf tournament to raise funds for various organizations that compliment the 1TB Foundation charitable objectives. Over $2 million has been raised through this event.

To qualify for funding from CIS Group or the 1TB Foundation, an organization must be exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, or be a municipal, state or federal government entity.

CIS Group and the 1TB Foundation do not provide grants to support the following:


  • Fundraising events, sponsorships
  • Equipment purchases, unless part of a community outreach program
  • Athletic events
  • Memorial grants
  • Athletic teams, bands, and choirs
  • Organizations that restrict participation on the basis of religion
  • Non-domestic (international) causes

To express interest and receive information about the grant process, notify us via email using the button below:

email us

Here are some of the organizations the CIS Group of Companies and 1TB Foundation support:


    CIS Group’s vast inspector network enables us to quickly and accurately fulfill a service request in all 50 states.

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  • End to End Solutions

    Our Products and Services provide end-to-end solutions for our clients in the Underwriting, Mortgage Servicing and Claims arenas.

  • Quality

    CIS Group takes a metric-based approach to quality that enables us to focus the efforts of our Quality Assurance Team for maximum impact.