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ARE You prepared to resolve disagreements when they arise?


Nothing creates as much friction between policyholder and carrier as a claim dispute. When your insured invokes the appraisal clause, accuracy and responsiveness determine the outcome. You need independent experts to represent your side with care.

Reach resolution with care

Manage the complexities of the appraisal process more easily while upholding your relationship with the policyholder.

Our highly qualified General Adjusters act as your chosen appraiser to superbly handle every aspect of the dispute resolution process, from information gathering and data capture to on-site meetings and mediation.


  • Review cash value of loss
  • Determine value and scope of claim
  • Ensure responsiveness
  • Steward policyholder relationship

committed to Excellence

Resolve disputes faster with care when one of our vetted, highly qualified CIS Specialty Claims professionals serves as your chosen appraiser.


Settle disputed claims faster and avoid the cost of litigation.

CIS Specialty Claims Services appraisers have expertise in handling both Commercial Property Appraisals and Residential Property Appraisals. Each of our appraisers are GA or EGA level adjusters with a minimum of 10 years of field adjusting experience.

In a dispute, time and precision matter. Our goal is to send the executed Appraisal Award and final report to the carrier within three business days of the two-party signed award.


Move past claim impasse quickly and cost-effectively with Property Dispute Mediation.

Our expert appraisers thoroughly review case facts, damages, photos, reports and estimates. We present your position to the insured’s representative and mediator and work to reach an appropriate settlement on your behalf.

Loss Consulting

Access our expert recommendation on an appropriate settlement range.

An expert from CIS Specialty Claims undertakes an unbiased review of claim history and documentation gathered by all parties as the basis for settlement range recommendation.

There when (and where) You need us

Our appraiser network covers much of the continental US and is always expanding as needs arise. Active Specialty Appraisers (blue pins on the map) are immediately available in their respective communities, and wide-range appraisers (orange pins) can quickly arrive in neighboring communities—and even states—for wider coverage. To request an appraiser or expansion into your territory, contact us today.

View our current coverage map in detail here.

CIS Appraiser Coverage Map

Entrust Your future to the industry leader

We understand insurance is personal. This is why our platform is built to empower human touch with technology.

With our nationwide network of field professionals combined with our remote desktop center, we give you the same trusted platform of inspection precision and claims expertise at scale.


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