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Transform Data
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What risks are lurking
in your portfolio?


Policies you’ve carried for years carry risks. Homes require maintenance, and the costs of building materials and labor increase. You must maintain policies to value, but it’s time-intensive and costly. Yet you can’t afford surprises in your book of business.

Use renewals to reset risk and raise revenue

Simplify renewal inspection and de-risk your book while saving time and cost.

We analyze your portfolio, run data capture, and determine which properties need field inspection support, so you can minimize risk and maximize policy value.


  • Ensure policy matches replacement value
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase policy premium lift
  • boost revenue

Empowering human touch with technology

Reinspect your book without inconveniencing policyholders or stressing your staff. Our blend of human touch and technology gives you expertise where and when you need it most.

Self Inspection

Serve policyholders with an easy, digitally driven image and information capture experience.

  • Customer Care Center outreach
  • Capture Q™ technology image capture
  • Remote Desktop Analysis
  • Risk score, confidence score
Hybrid Service

Assess risk accurately with hybrid service that blends data capture with field service inspection expertise. For mid- to high-value homes that require interior/exterior assessment, to evaluate systems risk in older dwellings, or when homeowners prefer inspectors capture imagery.

  • Customer Care Center outreach
  • Capture Q™ technology
  • Exterior or interior field inspection
  • Interior component confirmation
  • Key systems inspection
Traditional Service

Be more strategic by shifting traditional risk assessment to policies with the highest potential risk or a need for further validation.

  • Exterior or Interior
  • Mainstreet or High Value
  • On-Roof
  • Lowest Cost - Nationwide
Self Inspection
Hybrid Service
Traditional Service
Determine Best Approach CIS Customer Solution Center
Inspection using Capture Q Insured Insured + Field Inspector Field Inspector
Analysis Desktop Assessment Team
Rules-based QA CIS Technology + QA Personnel
Assessment & Scoring Desktop Assessment Team Field Inspector
Benefit Most Efficient, Least Obtrusive Optimal for older homes and moderate complexity Reliable, Objective Risk Assessment
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Industry expertise when you need it

Access the tech you need with the touch you want. CIS Group determines your inspection mix through expertise or automation on your behalf in service of your policyholder.

Customer Solution Center

Customer Solution Center

Our in-house communications hub supports clients, claimants, homeowners, borrowers and our nationwide network.

Capture Q™ Technology

Capture Q Technology

Our web-based app empowers image capture and desktop analysis.

Remote Desktop Analysis

Remote Desktop Analysis

Our expert risk analysis enables decision-making and determines valuations and adjusting.

Field Inspectors

Field Inspectors

Our nationwide network of experienced industry experts supports clients and policyholders in the field.

Entrust Your future to the industry leader

We understand insurance is personal. This is why our platform is built to empower human touch with technology.

With our nationwide network of field professionals combined with our remote desktop center, we give you the same trusted platform of inspection precision and claims expertise at scale.

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