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are you fully prepared to serve policyholders in times of crisis?

You must be able to balance tech and touch,
one at a time, on time, every time.

  • Contactless digital policy servicing has become a need-it-now priority.
  • But integration is costly and risky.
  • You need the right tools and expertise to balance tech and touch at every step.
  • Without them, you're risking your relationships and your business.

GET back to normal faster

Take care of your policyholder in times of crisis—quickly, easily, and at lower cost.


Settle claims quickly with accurate information capture and analysis, so you and your policyholder can move forward faster. Self-service, hybrid, and traditional service options depend on incident and need.

Daily Claims | Catastrophe | Auto Claims

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Resolve disputed claims with accuracy and outstanding customer support with our thorough appraisal process and experienced GA and EGA-level adjusters.

Appraisals | Mediations | Loss Consulting

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Pair human touch with technology

Combine self-service technology with expertise cost-effectively for superior customer experience and more efficient operations.

Self Service

Create a seamless, low-touch experience for auto claims and low-complexity losses.

Claims Assist

Data-capture tech plus expert desk adjusters and field service.

Traditional Service

Appropriate response with full-service claims support.

Determine Best Approach CIS Group Claims Concierge
Capture Q™ Data Capture Insured Insured + Field Inspector Licensed Claims Adjuster
Analysis Desktop Adjusting Team
Best Suited for: Auto Claims Wind and Hail Complex and Large Losses
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Entrust Your future to the industry leader

We understand insurance is personal. This is why our platform is built to empower human touch with technology.

With our nationwide network of field professionals combined with our remote desktop center, we give you the same trusted platform of inspection precision and claims expertise at scale.

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