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Scrambling to meet
policyholders' Digital Demands?

  • Contactless digital policy servicing has become a need-it-now priority.
  • But integration is costly and risky.
  • You need the right tools and expertise to balance tech and touch at every step.
  • Without them, you're risking your relationships and your business.
Enhance Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Accelerate Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Increase Policy Profitability
Policy Profitability

Turn low-touch into high-value

As an insurer, you only have a few touchpoints to create customer loyalty. These are your moments of truth that guarantee policy renewal. At CIS, we understand how to help you make the most of these moments, so you can consistently grow your policy value.



Deliver peace of mind at the speed of digital

Increase efficiency and convenience for your policyholders without increasing risk to your profitability.

Transform Your Operations
Transform Your

We help you seamlessly and cost-effectively blend self-service and hybrid service with your core operations.

Empower Your Policyholders
Empower Your

We help your customers accurately use self-service with our expert full-service customer support.

Scale Your Business
Scale Your

You focus on growth with a platform you can trust to nurture customer loyalty and protect profitability.

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Lisa visited my home yesterday for a walk through and to take photos as part of our homeowner's insurance. Lisa was extremely professional, kind and put me at ease. I must admit, I was not looking forward to a visit from a stranger to take photos of my home, but she immediately made me feel comfortable and was very respectful of my time. It’s not common that you find great customer service and I thought it should be acknowledged! You have a great team.


Complimentary Buyer’s Guide

Carriers must deliver on policyholders’ digital demands and the moments of truth that shape customer experience. Their futures hang in the balance. This guide helps insuretech buyers sort through recent tech tools and trends to understand the advantages and potential pitfalls.

Entrust Your future to the industry leader

Digital transformation has forever changed the insurance industry.

Today, the stakes couldn't be higher. The threat of digital disruption is real. It puts your policyholders and your profitability at risk. Yet meeting the challenge it presents is incredibly complex. You can't afford to figure it out on your own.

We’re here to help. Since our founding more than 20 years ago, we’ve seen change as an invitation to do business differently. To do it better.

We understand insurance is personal. Our platform is built to empower human touch through technology. The largest US insurers rely on us daily. With our nationwide network of field professionals combined with our remote desktop center, we give you the same trusted platform of inspection precision and claims expertise at scale.

By empowering policyholders with self-service and hybrid service, we help you avoid disruption and thrive in the digital age.

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